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Medical Linear Accelerator

 My linac bunker

It was a hard task to collect so many white elements..., but now I've finalized my medical linear accelerator with its whole bunker, cone-beam CT, modulator cabinet, electron applicators, patient immobilisation equipments, head&neck masks, measuring instruments and the staff. It was an exciting challenge!
   Beside the routine clinical work it is impossible to show the process of the radiotherapy treatments because teachers do not come close to the equipment, especially linacs. There is no time to interrupt the clinical workflow because of the students.
   I planned and built this linear accelerator bunker to help demonstrate the university lectures and practices. I can take popularizer demonstrations for civils (i.e. patients) about radiation therapy too and the physicians can explain the radiotherapy process to cancerous children in a playful and funny way. 😊
   Focusing to the details too is important, so the radiation protection wall thickness of this model is true scale and the gantry, the collimator and patient table move isocentrically. Furthermore, the patient table is a '6D table', which means it can be rotated in every axises, like pitch & roll in airplanes.
 It is a real model of a state-of-the-art medical accelerator bunker which can help radiation therapy professionals to demonstrate the treatment process for students, patients and children.

Georgina Fröhlich, a medical radiation physicist

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