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Aerobatic Coaxial Rotors Helicopter


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---General description---
Coaxial rotors Helicopters are rotating blade aircrafts that are equipped with a pair of rotors mounted one above the other on concentric shafts, with the same axis of rotation, but turning in opposite directions (contra-rotation). The advantages of this configuration derive mainly from the correction of non symmetrical aerodynamic forces on the balde disk. The additional propeller at the end of the fuselage provides extra thrust. As you can see in the model above, there is no vertical stabilyzer, in fact future airplanes will have telescopic electric motors to properly direct the propeller thrust.

We also live in a world where intelligent machines spread in every sector. In a near future pilots will receive support from artificial intelligence interfaces that allow them to handle the aircraft while controlling other devices. For this reason there will be only one pilot in each aricraft. Moreover all the cockpit information will be displayed in the pilot helmet.

Its avionics in conjunction with its superior design make this aircraft to be the future of aerobatic helicopters. 

---The model---
The model represents a prototype version of coaxial helicopter with artificial Inteligence aided systems, that carries one pilot. 

The propeller at the back of the fuselage and the two counter rotating rotors are connected, so you can move the two rotors just rotating the propeller at the rear. In the images you can see the gearbox that provides the movement.

The model itself is very robust and it looks very smoothed on its surfaces. It was studied to make everything fit into such small spaces, in order to create modular parts that can be easily used also for different models. The building process was simplified as much as possible and presents some interesting technical solutions.

---About me---
My name is Luca and I'm an aerospace engineering student at the univerisity of Pisa. My great passion for flying machines guided me through the creation of this model. I would share with other people the beauty of aircrafts. But despite all, my great passions are Star Wars and Lego bricks.

This helicopter is dedicated to my brother Andrea


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