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Old Abandoned House


This is the old abandoned house at the end of the road. Everyone passing is convinced that this old house is empty, judging it by its desolated look. But if you take a look inside it is most welcoming, even though it is simple, and potentially full of life like any other house. 

The two floors offers what you would expect (regarding the age) and at the ground floor there is spaces for cooking and dining, or just chill out in front of the fire place. There is also a book shelf and some old trinkets (an old shield and a crossbow). At the top floor, which is basically a furnished attic, you will find a bed, bedside table, chest and a desk. Just what you need if you are living alone in an old house on the country side. 

The top floor is removable for easier access when playing on the ground floor and easy to slide back in when needed again. 

About the build:

This is my first attempt to build a house and incorporate more details in the interior. It was a bit hard to get the inside look appropriate since the lack of bricks made me use old "medieval wall"-segments. I guess it would be easier if the walls were built brick by brick instead. But since it is my first try I'm pretty happy with it. 

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