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Copenhagen Opera House


In 2004 construction was completed on one of the most modern opera houses in the world: The Copenhagen Opera House - The national opera house of Denmark.

The architect Henning Larson collaborated with the shipping magnate Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller to create a truly timeless design that would "not become obsolete in function and appearance" and would integrate successfully with the constantly changing landscape on the island of Holmen. Attended by Danish royalty and political leaders, it is an integral part of Denmark's rich cultural tradition, creating a contemporary location to experience a historic art.

The Building's exterior is faced with Jura Gelb limestone and located on ground that is surrounded by canals that are designed to "give the impression the structure is on an island." The glass façade, a cause of much controversy between Larson and Mærsk, gives the opera's audience a 180° panoramic view of the spanning from "the harbour fairway towards Knippelsbro and across the city centre turrets and spires to the view out of the harbour towards Øresund to the north."

A recent trip to Copenhagen inspired me to recreate the opera house using LEGO and I hope that I have been able to capture its likeness on a smaller scale. This set contains 623 bricks and would be well suited for the Architecture range.

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