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Glitch Techs: D-Team Ambush


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UH-OH! a glitch is on the loose! help the D-Team take it out before it wreaks havoc on the arcade!

This is the Hinobi tech support van from Glitch Techs. This project was suggested to me on Instagram and I thought it was a great idea! Glitch Techs is one of my favorite shows on Netflix I'd love to give it some LEGO representation.

it has 579 pieces with 3 Minifigures High Five, Miko Kubota, and 1 Glitch, 3 buildable figures Alpha, Ally, Chomp Kitty, and 2 power blasts

If you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to comment. And if you liked Glitch Techs as much as I did don't forget to vote.

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