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Mech Lab - Customizable Mech

The Mech Lab showcases a customizable mech, which stands in it's hangar. The shoulder pieces and arms are fully interchangeable with different weapons systems so you can get the right load-out and look for your mission! In the hangar, there is a workshop, service lift and control room for the technicians to carry out repairs and test new load-outs.

As a fan of a variety of mech-based computer games growing up, I've always liked the idea of being able to customize my mech to achieve my desired look and weapons load-out. While there have been several mech based Lego sets over the years, I have always felt that two critical elements were missing to make the perfect mech display/play set: the ability to customize the load-out/look and a detailed hangar in which to do it. All of the best mech based MOCs I have seen have all had a really detailed hangar as a back drop. I have tried to embody this to make a great set that will be equally good as on display or as a play set, appealing to a wide variety of age groups, while keeping it small enough that it is accessible for more people.

The biggest challenge in building a realistic looking hangar and mech for a Lego was keeping the piece count down. In order to do this I opted to build a medium scale mech and light weight frame to support the maintenance arm. To keep the size down, I used 120 degree angles to allow the sides to slope outward, giving a good view of all sides of the hangar.

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