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Vostok 1 - The First Successful Spacecraft

Hello everyone, the information about Vostok 1 is as follows: 1010 PCS.

Work time: November 2018 - May 2019.

I kept the details of Vostok 1 as much as possible, including the manned cabin, which can really put down a minifigure. I also made a detailed restoration of the engine below.

The most difficult part is the arc in the middle, which is also the part that I spent the most time on. The reason for doing this is that I think this is an important moment in human history, which symbolizes that human beings have the ability to explore the universe, and Yuri Gagarin has become the first human in the world to reach space, which is a great contribution to the future history of space development. Making this commemorative aircraft into a LEGO model is also a tribute to the aerospace industry.

Finally, if you think my work is well-designed, you can follow me and vote for me. I will do a series of MOC about "the first time of mankind".

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