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Beyond Good and Evil

The Domz are attacking!

The Domz have arrived at Jade and Pey'j's lighthouse! The sarcophagus monster has already captured one of the orphan, but Jade and Pey'j are arriving aboard their hovercraft to save her. The Alpha Sections have appeared as well, but are they here to help or to attack as well?

The set

Right from the famous video game from the 2003 his set would contain a Domz Sarcophagus Monster, the hovercraft, and minifigures of Jade, Pey'j, Fehn the goat-headed orphan and an Alpha Section guard.

The sarcophagus is fully articulated and with a cavity that can emprison a minifigure. It is displayed on a piece of defiled ground.

The hovercraft can be opened the same way it opens in the game, and the propeller can be reversed to activate turbo mode. The canon on the top is detatchable (in the game, it is acquired as an upgrade).

The minifigures display custom prints. There are two alternate heads for Fehn (normal and possessed) and the Alpha guard has a printed head as well.

The build

I recently watched a playthrough of this famous game on YouTube. Making a lego set out of this game became an evidence since it is a very beloved game from the 2000s and it has a very distinct cartoony design that perfectly fits Lego!

I had to chose which parts of the game to build. The hovercraft was obvious: it is the main vehicule of the game, and had the perfect scale for a medium build. I chose later to add a Domz Sarcophagus, since those ennemies are very iconic and allowed a nice play feature with the captured people seen through their chest.

Finally, I decided to do my first custom minifigs and am very proud of the result! I had to include Jade and Pey'j, but I decided to leave aside Double H, since his helmet was very hard to reproduce. I worked particularly hard on Jade, designing her pants and her holo-bag, her head and her torso. I gavr her her staff, her camera, and a purple glove suggesting her disk launcher.

I wanted to add an orphan, and chose the goat-headed one who was displayed in the intro cinematics. I also had to add an Alpha Section guard, since they are the most proheminent ennemies.

I couldn't make custom parts, but it would have made the set even better, with custom heads for Pey'j and Fehn, and custom helmet and armor for the guard.

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