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Grand Station


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This giant train station is a mixture between fictional and a real Station. Model is the old “Baden-Baden” main station. It´s one of the most beautiful stations in the world.

Open the impressive doors and enter the huge main building. Admire the beautiful golden Clock (known from the big “Big Ben”) or look at the 2 destination boards. At the floor you discover the Lego Railway sign.


Your train is running late? No problem.

You can complain at the Ticket and Info-Point. Otherwise you can shop flowers for your beloved ones or go eating in the fast food restaurant. If you aren´t hungry buy a book, map or newspaper at the “book and paper” store. Also included benches, beverages, toilets and lockers.


Now it´s time to catch the train.

Move to the platform and buy a trip at the ticket machine. Platform is built modular and includes benches, ticket machines, trash cans, clock and a digital destination board.


Minifigures with accessories: stationmaster, janitor, 2 railway company employees, restaurant employee, book dealer, elderly couple, young couple with baby, family with 2 kids and 2 travellers.

2999 parts. I had reduce my idea from 3800 down to 3000 parts for submission. I use larger tiles, longer roof elements, longer bricks and reduced details without reducing building and playing fun. Part optimization can be seen in the last 3 pictures. The interior don´t change much


No Train included Train can be supported separately ;-)


Thanks for supporting my Lego Idea.

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