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Wizards Wonder House

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Hi, Lego fans

Here is Si97F, and this is my new project. 

That`s the house of four wizards.I want to build a house with many features. This project is playable and also a good decoration. It makes a lot of fun to design this model. The most difficult part was, to build a roof, you can transform into a dragon. Also a cool feature is the ghost, who appears through the earth. For that I used a new building technique.


  • includes 4 recipes and 5 root sheets
  • 5 minifigures 
  • 3 modular floors
  • a dragon and a baby dragon in the egg
  • a bat and a owl
  • a spider and a rat, they glow in the dark


  • transform the roof into a dragon
  • moveable floor and wall elements in the first floor
  • pick up the magic roots in the small garden
  • you can turn the stag at the wall into a owl
  • behind the stag and owl sculpture is a hidden gold ingot.
  • you can turn the stone wheel to conjure up the ghost.
  • the head of the ghost glows in the dark

I hope you enjoyed this project and thanks for every support!

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