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Solar Explorer


Solar Explorer Spacecraft
The Solar Explorer is the next giant leap in human space exploration! This spaceship is an original creation inspired for everyone who loves space, science fiction, spaceships and exploration.

The design incorporates bi-directional rotating platforms enabling humans to walk around in a 1g environment - inspired by existing theories. They are both linked and travel in opposite directions to ensure spacecraft stability during rotation. The spacecraft also incorporates moving engines (working in unison with thrusters) allowing the ship to change course as required.

The Build
Ship pieces - 1,490
Dimensions - 54cm/21in long, 27cm/11in high and wide
Pieces including stand - 1,700

For the curious - the rotating parts are not fixed to the ship but suspended by 4 equally positioned gears and held in place at 6 points on each side to maintain position.

My Appreciation
I hope you like this project and many thanks for your support!

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