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YBG Astro

I was never thinking about building this. I thought this was going to be another failed attempt, but I somehow made it to be somewhat spaceship like. At this point, I am wondering whether I should sort of stop making spaceships weekly and making creations at least a month because of increasing work that I will have from now on. I will still post spaceships, but in irregular intervals of time. I might occasionally release different ideas too. 

I didn't really have a goal for just this spaceship. I just started building and putting random bricks together. I did not think about what the job this particular spaceship will be assigned to. So I've decided to build it. I did not think or stop about changing the design, I just built whatever my imagination was telling me too. Hope you guys like it. 

I'm donutsmasher, I post spaceships and other stuff! Stay tuned for other creations in the future. This is what I've got so far. See you, in the next one!

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