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Hi everyone !

I present you my new chessbord in LDD. 
With its two drawers, its decorations and its play pieces quite recognizable because close to the classic design that everyone now, it will make an excellent chessboard of decoration as of play !

However, modeling has its limits that the imagination doesn't have, and the skeleton legs of the statues will have to be replaced by real minifig legsfor it completed !

It contians 1761 bricks and its dimension are 36*36 studs by 6 bricks hight.

Here is discreet chessboard full of details allowing you to learn chess and play in good conditions !

What's more, it is quite possible to replace the tiles 2*2 with 1 stud by tiles 2*2 with magnets of 4mm*2mm (neodyme) in the centale part and to replace the tiles round 2*2 with hole by classique round tiles 2*2 with also a magnet in the centale part in order to have a completely smooth chess board !
It's just advice ;) !

Thank you for reading me and if you have any questions or criticisms, don't hesitate !

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