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Pizza Otto

Welcome to Pizza Otto, but first a little introduction:

Do you know that more than 5 million pizzas are currently sold around the world? It is the most consumed food in the world above the hamburger. Approximately 20% of the restaurants on the planet are pizzerias and an average of 55 boxes per pizzeria sold per day is obtained with the large franchises. And initiated in the matter, we can begin to talk about this little piece of building.

Otto, the most exclusive pizzeria in the LEGO City, not only for its delicious pizzas, its good service at home delivery or the best customer service, but also for the pizza slice shape in which the restaurant is built. Their way of eating it is usually in portions and what better way than to represent its essence in a building with that shape.

 From a distance you will be able to see the pizzeria since a sign raised on a rotating pole makes it possible to locate it, it is pleasant because as you get closer you will feel the smell of their pizzas when you pass near by their delivery men.

Otto has a motorcycle and car service for highly effective delivery and always with a smiling face. When you arrive you see where to sit, On the raised terrace, in the back for a date, in the front of the building or inside for a rainy day, if you choose inside you will have the drink machine closer, there is a sign that encourages you to refill your soda for free and that's wonderful.

Their pizzas are famous for their ingredients, their cooks, and very importantly, the wood-burning stone oven, which is where the best pizzas are made. Its position in the building is added in a triangular way like the building giving more space to the restaurant area.

Regarding the model, its usefulness in amusement parks, beach areas, independent space in the city, proximity to a modular building, it can be pleasing to the eye and useful for minifigures. The model is easy to access and the cover can be deployed and includes 9 minifigures a dog and two seagulls, of the 9 minifigures 4 are Pizzeria workers and 5 are customers. Approximately 2000 pieces assemble this set where some prints have also been suggested.

Here are some reviews from the “Stud City” newspapers.

 "Pizza taken to another level" (Axle news)
"Otto has a small menu but the best in town" (The Daily Stud)
"The shape of its building falls in love like the tuna pizza" (Fishing diary)
 Thank you very much for your time.

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