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The Medieval Inn


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Hello! This is a project idea I built about two years ago. This took me a few weeks to build off and on, and is still one of my favorite medieval builds so far.

There is a narrow road that goes under an old, rickety bridge. The road leads to the door of an inn, which contains several bedrooms. Beside this inn is a castle style building with a tower, standing a story above the inn.

I used many of the typical building techniques here, using a combination between light grey, brick yellow, sand green, and olive green for the tower and bridge. I used many log pieces and other brown pieces in constructing the inn, as well as the typical tan and white combo to fill in gaps. The roofing is build of navy blue pieces, mounted on hinges.

The interior design includes three bedrooms in the inn, a place for guests to check in, and a few separate rooms inside the tower. This is the first (and only) time so far that I’ve made a carpet built into the ground without using tiles, I achieved this using brown and navy blue cheese wedges and 1x4 plates, located on the ground of the third story bedroom.

Castle is such a classic theme in Lego, that it seems fitting to propose more castle sets to be released with updated techniques. A merry inn seems a great way to do that, because it covers some of the highlights of medieval building and architecture.

I hope you like this project idea! Please support!

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