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Little Shop Of Horrors Studio Set


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This set is based on how I imagine the set to have been on the Little Shop of Horrors. Having been a fan of the 1986 movie since I was a young child, it only felt right that this would be my first submission. I have included three minifigures in this set (Audrey, Seymour and Mushnik) with the possibility of a further 5 (?, Orin Scrivello, Crystal, Ronnette, Chiffon and young Audrey II).

'Excuse me, I couldn't help noticing that strange and interesting plant! What is it?'

The movie itself is such an odd yet excellent ride, full of great music, that I thought it could translate into an amazing LEGO build. I was heavily inspired by the later scenes where Audrey II has developed and gotten stronger, so I have put her plants/roots spreading over the entirety of the store. I also gave Mushnik and Seymour the responsibility of trying to fight Audrey II off together. I included a few small details from the movie such as the 'Welcome to Mushnik's Home of the Audrey II' sign behind the extra-terrestrial plant and the 'Arrangements by Audrey' sign on the window behind the till, and yet there is still room for so many more!

This is my first proper MOC (only made one set of BrickHeadz before), so all feedback is appreciated!

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