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Classic Space Bohrok

This super advanced robot, powered by ancient energy provided by the Kanohi mask, is perfect for new ground exploration and terraforming. His shape reminiscent of the Bionicle Bohrok can also fold into a ball and head smash just like the Bohrok. This huge robot can be piloted by a spaceman. A small dune buggy is stored in the robot for better exploration or in case of emergency. You can aslo simulate the launching of the rockets.

I built it because I like the classic space look for my custom Sci Fi creations and I wanted to make homage to the Bionicle theme that I grewed up with, without using too many Bionicle pieces.

I believe in my project because, first of all, the model is fun to play with. The different play features make this set more than just a cool display thing for your outer space diorama. And his design makes it a perfect nostalgia item for Classic Space and Bionicle fans!

Play Features:
Spinning Blade for excavation
Head Smash action to destroy everything in your way
Articulated limbs perfect for posing
Feet equip with rolling treadmills
Storage for the dune buggy
Lighted up brick to simulate power behind the Kanohi mask
Can be fold and secure into a ball shape

Possible modification and problem to face:
-The ‘’hands’’ can be redesigned, changed to have both the same or new one. The excavator blade is inspired by the white bohrok, while the rocket launcher one is from the black bohrok. The claw from the green bohrok is also a possibility.
-Even though this model is fully made out of lego (not a digital model) some of the pieces used are rare, like both of the canopies, or not produced anymore, like the Bionicle parts or the 6x6 blue dish.
-Some shapes and details are still weak and rough (to me)

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