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Choros Valkyrie


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Designation: XMSF-01 (Experimental Multirole Space Fighter) 

Take to the vastness of space or the atmosphere of an alien planet. The Choros Valkyrie is the latest space fighter from ZX Industries. Capable of space and atmospheric flight the origin of the ships name stems from the Greek word space (choros) and from norse mythology the word Valkyrie. 

Boasting 4 variable geometry wings and 4 variable geometry stabilisers, The Choros Valkyrie has impressive manoeuvrability regardless of where it takes flight. Combined with thruster exhausts located on the nose, wings and rear, the crafts direction can rapidly change to dodge objects, fire from hostile ships or turn the table when pursued. New fusion pulse drives with 2D vectoring allow for unmatched speed and acceleration with additional manoeuvrability.

To minimise detection from scanners the ship is constructed from classified materials which absorb any radar technologies, in combination with inbuilt jammers located on the front and rear. Heat absorbing engine housing allows for the engines to be shut reducing the ships heat signature drastically.

Coming armed with 4 heavy laser cannons on the wingtips, and an additional 6 standard laser cannons (4 on wings 2 on fuselage), the Chronos Valkyrie can blast through asteroids or hostiles. Extra hard points can be allocated with minor modifications. In addition to on-board systems the cargo bay can house additional armaments such as the standard rail cannons or chemical laser to boost the ships offensive capabilities. The cargo bay can also house scouting or distraction drones, sonic mines, micro rockets and stand-off dispenser to engage a group of targets. Counter measures such as chaff pods or sun flares can blind pursuers or light up a night sky,

The ship features internally housed gear and a downward opening single cockpit allowing easy access to the ship without assistance. Cargo capabilities when not holding weaponry is certified to store 2 tonnes of cargo. This can be accessed via the top or behind the forward land gear.

ZX industries hope this will be the ship of choice for budding space pilots for any federation of planets or sole owners from military to mercenary, or bounty hunter. Stay on the lookout for new models in the future and supplementary equipment*

*based on consumer demands.

Well that’s what the brochure says… to our unknown pilot who came into possession of this ship has now claimed it his own with a unique paintjob to go. Take your imagination where you see fit. Mercenary, hero of the resistance or savior of the galaxy, it’s your choice. 

The project contains 878 bricks (1 minifigure) in total and I would roughly place the project in the $100.00 AUD mark. I have drawn inspiration from various fictional space fighters and it was quite a challenge developing the ship to work and house the gear internally, along with the downwards opening cockpit. It was a lot of fun designing this spaceship as my second project and whilst been inactive for some time I have been busy improving my skills and learning to use POV ray to produce higher quality images. I hope you enjoy and support this as much as I had fun designing it.

Stay tuned...

Till next time... Happy Building! :D  

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