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Battlestations !


Welcome to B-Base Commander!

"Commander, enemy drones and ground troops approaching! What are your orders?"

Commander? COMMANDER? "  *invisible hand pokes you, yes, YOU READER! *

A few weeks ago you were promoted to commander of B-Base on Alpha Centauri.  An outpost, close to several mining colonies and the only well protected base for many intergalactic miles.  A great opportunity to explore the outer edges of known space. Having an explorer's soul, it was a dream job you thought, untill all % $ #  broke loose.

Out of nowhere they came, fast, agile, vicious. A race of aggressive cyborgs that plan to overtake everything they encounter. It is up to you now to protect the colonists and stop the enemy. Your base is equipped with a powerful canon, your troops are well trained. You are all that stands between the colonies and the enemy. Sofar you have been able to withstand their onslaught. Will you prevail again this time?
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You slam that big red button in front of you
"Battlestations!  * sirens wailing*   All hands, battlestations !"


Model info:

The model is built on a 32x32 base plate with almost 3000 pieces.
The base has several features as you can see in the pictures as well:
* laser fence with a gate that can be opened
* huge laser canon on top that can rotate, tilt and the turrets move back and forth
* door to the base slides upwards and closes
* big generator that can rotate
* posable mechs on both sides
* 6 minifigues and 4 mechs
* loads of details in the base

I named it B-Base, because of the colors used in it; they reminded me of bees :)

This a resubmission with several modifications. The model was built i.r.l. as well to test stability.


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