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Don't Starve


Are you  fan of LEGO and "Don't starve"? If so, this is the change to get a cool LEGO Don't  starve set on the shelf. If it is something you want or you think others would be interested in, please support, follow and spread the word, to make a don't starve Lego set possible. 


I have designed a Lego set in the theme of the game Don't starve. It contains the main character Wilson as well as some mobs like Chester, the pig the Tallbird and more. I personally like don't starve and its characters a lot and thought that it would be really cool in Lego. I hope you like it too.

If you want to see what pictures I took my inspiration from or want to know how the characters look in Don't starve, you can go to my Instagram:

The specifications


  • Wilson
  • Backpack


  • Chester
  • Eye Bone
  • Pig
  • Spider
  • Beefalo
  • TallBird
  • Rabbit


  • Pig House
  • Fire Pit
  • Evergreen tree
  • Top hat
  • Berry Bush
  • Alchemy Engine
  • Sapling

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