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Grappling Hook Attack Ship Squadron XF3P


You can launch GHAS squadron XF3P. Fly the 12 speedy GHASs (Grappling Hook Attack Ships) into their next daring mission; or you can launch a practise run with the GPS (Grapple Practise Ship). The GHASs each have: 4 stud-shooters on the main grappling hook, to provide alterative attachment methods; 2 spring-loaded grappling hooks, for long range grappling; rotation point for the grappling hook so it can face forwards or backwards. GPS has two points for the grappling hooks to attach to.

I built this craft to attack another, much bigger, model I had previously built. While both models were broken by my testing (playing) I rebuilt this one on LDD from memory. The other I'll try to fix and submit soon. I think this would make a good set because the connection of the grappling hook is universal enough to work with almost any model either official or not which means the model has a broad range of uses and it features 12 GHASs which means if you get lots, you can build an entire space fleet.

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