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This is based on a book I am writing (not currently done.) I thought this would be a good way to get some people amped up to but my book. The book is called S Force. This can go out with the rest of the parts. I also want to create more sets based on my book. Be warned, it is long, and has 198 bricks. This set can really give people the chance to play a role in my books, and I think that is something that would help the readers have fun!

This is the basic summary of the book that this is based on: a group of young adults embark on an adventure to save the world. So now I decided to create this so you can create your own experience! 
Note on characters:
Agent 14 is super strong, can control something "Spryzanium", an almost indestructible alloy of diamonds. He is naturally strong.
Collossus can teleport, has telekinesis, mind talk (like he can know what we say to him, and we hear him.) He is also a great chemist.
Noob123 is just the dopey sidekick. He does not have any powers, but is really good with computers!

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