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The Aquarium of Poseidon


Greetings, Lego Community

I am bringing you another new Lego idea that I believe is the biggest Lego set I have done, thus far. This set can be educational and fun for any age, from kids that fascinated by history and sea life to adults that enjoy work of art and a challenging build. 

I present, "The Aquarium of Poseidon", which I have included, (In lego Form) extinct sea life that once roamed our ocean's millions of yrs ago, along with there names so kids can learn while they play. In addition to this set and for kids to have fun, I have included a 50s style Cafe with a tv like the Romans did invent the TV. 

With the set, I created 6 minifigs and a Base to display them on.

The Minifigs are as listed:

  • POSEIDON (Stature Form)
  • POSEIDON (Water Form)
  • Two Guards
  • One Roman Elder
  • One Roman Civilian

I have designed the building to be able to be split in half to fully display the entire interior of the structure, also the second floor can be removed if you like to have two smaller structures to display side-by-side.

Side note**

In real life, this aquarium would be at least 20x larger with massive tanks exhibiting a large variety of ocean life, But!...being in lego form, I had to scale it down, sadly though. So please, when you view what I have created, just imagine it being larger.

I truly hope that the community like what I have created and show your support, so this could become a reality.

Thank you.

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