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Beach House


Hey yall! DanTheLegoMan here!


This is a project that I have been working on for a while.  Now it is complete!  This is a beach house/beach store. Details include a highly detailed shop features an ice cream stand, cash register, surf boards, scuba equipment, and more!  The house has a kitchen, seating, paintings/display pieces, and a mail box.  


The exterior has bright colors for the walls, light fixtures, and a wood walkway.  There is also plenty of space on the beach for building sand castles or relaxing.  On the side of the beach house, there is a balcony for looking out on.  Beware of the seagulls!  


If you like this project, please support it and follow me.  I also have some Nintendo projects.  Go check them out!  


Thanks for your support!

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