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Lego Tile Frame


Lego Tile Frame

Give your builds, photographs and crafts the focus they deserve

(230 pieces/box)

Lego Tile Frame is a modular kit allowing endless mosaic layouts and expansion possibilities. With a thickness of 3/8-in, its muted aesthetics give photographs, builds and crafts the focus they deserve. The intention was to create a frame that is elegant and timeless while still carrying a Lego feel.

Mount your builds on it, attach your crafts of the moment, decorate it with accessories you already have!

The box content is versatile enough to yield either of these combinations:

- Three (3) 4in x 6in or;

- Two (2) 4in x 6in and one (1) 4in x 4in or;

- One (1) 8in x 10in and one (1) 4in x 8in or;

- Three (3) 4in x 4in and one (1) 1in x 4in or;

- Custom shapes as required

Prints are mounted directly to reflective tiles with thin double sided tape, builds are attached to the underlying structure and crafts can be suspended to Technic bricks. Frames are connected together with Plates 4x4 and Plates 4x4 corner. The composition is mounted to the wall using Command picture hanging strips.

Multiple boxes = larger custom mosaic.

*All depicted photographs and builds are my own.

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