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Korean Watch Tower


Hello, this creation is Korean Watch Tower. In Korea, towers  has stone stylobate. And one-story wooden gazebo is generally built on it. Actually, In Korea, multi-story buildings are unusual things. Because Korean floor heating system(Ondol) is so heavy. If you build the multi-story building with Ondol, the building is destroyed by weight.

Generally, Korean Watch Tower is located on the stone platform. And it is armed with canons or crossbows. But ordinary days, it just looks like gazebo for a picnic. So nowadays, almost of Korean Watch Towers are meant to be excellent gazebo for outdoor activitys.

In Autumn, Korea's landscape is beautiful. many Japanese maples are in the mountains and fields. Maybe, Korean construction is fit with Japanese maples(Oriental maples). So I planted maples arround the watch tower.


Number of Pieces : 1,253

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