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Snow Convertible


Hello lego fans

THis model is a mixture between a convertible and a snowmobile.The reason why I build this model is because most people always wondered what it would be like if they drove a car in thick ice.This model comes with one minifigure,four accessories,and one camcorder.

On the sides of the vehicle you can put the accessories,one of them is a snow board so if you want your figure to go snow boarding in the snow.The second accesory are ice grips so you can have your figure walk around the landscape.

There's a second build to the model a buildable camcorder so your figure can go around the landscape filming/documentarying or make fun snowboarding videos.And the model comes with a hot cup of hot chocolate for when it gets chili out in the cold landscape.

This idea will be good for lego fans of all ages because it allows new possibilites in creativity and building.


Snow Board

Ice Grips

Coco Mug

Number of pieces:



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