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A Christmas Story - Dad With Leg Lamp "IT'S A MAJOR AWARD!"


With the 40th Anniversary of "A Christmas Story" coming up in 2023, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share this MOC with the LEGO community. This is my very favorite Christmas movie and since LEGO has already pre-approved this movie as lining up with their culture, I am hopeful they will release this special BrickHeadz set next year.
I created "Dad" Parker with the most iconic item in all the movie, the leg lamp. I know LEGO prefers to only use a 6x6 plate for the base, but I wasn't able to keep with that idea. I'm treating this like the other BrickHeadz themes (animals) and use a larger base. I'm hoping LEGO will make an exception when they make this a set to include the 6x10 plate. Maybe they'll even design the "FRAGILE" crate to go with it! This was built in for Christmas of 2021, and it has just over 80 pieces.

After this, I only have Ralphie's Mom left to upload here. If you'd like to see others, please message me.
I hope these will inspire LEGO to release other great "A Christmas Story" MOCs as Ideas sets, like Ralphie's home. We can only hope!
Thank you to everyone that votes for this to become a set.

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