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LEGO Restaurant

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Restaurant with three floors now in the LEGO form!
In this restaurant, minifigures can order chicken thighs, pizza, ice lollies and more.

This set has:
1611 LEGO pieces.
8 minifigures: two customers, saleswoman, waiter, two chefs and two confectioners.

This restaurant has three floors:
  • Minifigures eat and also pay on the first floor.
  • Chefs cook pizzas and chicken thighs on the second floor.
  • Confectioners prepare desserts and donuts on the third floor.

I think this restaurant would be a great set, because every minifigure has to eat sometime. :-)

I will be very happy for your support and I believe that in the future we will turn together this restaurant into a great LEGO set.


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