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Police Air Chase


The evil scientist Gregory Petzsenfault has built a quadcopter and now he wants to destroy the city with a bomb filled with green slime. Will the Police special agent Luke and his coaxial helicopter stop the enemy and save the citizens? Fire the cannons or open the hatch and drop the bomb, you choose the story.

The set includes:

  • An helicopter with contra rotating blades and a rear spinning propeller
  • Two ready to fire cannons on both sides of the helicopter
  • A quadcopter with four spinning propeller and two dart slingshots
  • A cargo hold with trigger mechanism to release the bomb
  • Both models have internal gears that make the blades spin in opposite directions!
  • Includes the evil scientist Gregory Petzsenfault and Luke the policeman


Both models are robust and they have been designed to be easily handled and played. They building process for both models is modular so pepole will enjoy building them. 


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Thank you!

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