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Flexity Tram


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The first articulated tram where Minifigures can walk through, works with the lego rails and both 9V and power functions battery technology.

This is my creation of the Flexity tram in Basel. It consists of 7 parts alternating between wheel bearing car and non-wheel bearing car. The joint is fully Lego made and can bend more than the normal radius of the Lego rails. Fully bent, it only leaves a tiny gap on the outer radius. The Minifigures can walk through the joint regardless whether the tram is in a curve or not. I built the front car on a 9V motor since I grew up with the 9V technology, but of course it can be swapped out for a power functions battery motor. The battery box and infrared receiver can be placed as is suggested in the pictures. The model could be sold on normal train wheels just like the last car, and then include the directions to build in the motor in the instruction booklet.

The interior is kept simple and can be easily accessed by removing the roofs of the cars which is possible with every car. The drivers compartment is separated by a wall and a little glass door. The seats are in a light beige to mimic the wooden seats from the real tram. There is a screen in every other car for the passengers to see information about the next stops. There is a pantograph on the first car and cooling systems on the middle cars.

The set would include stickers with the logo of the Basel Transportation Service, a tramline number and final destination for the front.

Alternatively, one could build a shorter version of the tram with only 5 parts, which exists in real life as well, but the 7-part version is standard.

I tried to find a good balance between it having a good play value and being realistic at the same time.

The Minifigures:

Driver: He is a train driver for over 20 years now and is still as excited to start his daily work as he was on his first day.

Student: Once again this student forgot to study for his test in advanced Legology. But instead of studying now, he rather texts his friends to ask if they didn’t study either.

Football fan: A die-hard fan of the local football club who’s going to a game. He is a fan since he was born. Or so he says.

Elderly couple: They are married for a very long time now, but still love each other like during their first days. Today they enjoyed their retirement at the zoo.

Family: The mother with her two little girls just spent a fun day at the annual autumn fair in Basel. The girls both got a balloon from the fair.

The set contains 1576 parts.

Thank you very much for your support :)

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