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Kenworth W990 Truck

    The truck. What it is, it is a truck. This truck took me about 20-25 hours to build. My latest addition to it are the 4 horns up on the roof. I used 10 gears to make the steering system to work, and 15 Gears to make the motor to work. it is a V12. The hood can open. There wasn't any room to put the stacks on the side, so they ended up at the back of the cab. the doors can open. All 4 mirrors are adjustable. There is a working fifth wheel at the back.
    I built it, from this picture that my dad made of a Kenworth truck. I had the red pieces laying ready from the 42098 car carrier set. I like to build trucks, and am currently building a truck similar to the 42043 Mercedes truck. (As of Dec. 21). 
     I think this would be a great set because then there is a wider variety of trucks and sets to chose from. I also would like this truck to be a set, because I would like to see my favorite truck brands available in Lego.

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