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Ultimate offroader

The ultimate offroader. I have spent a year designing and building this truck. The truck is built with over 2000 studless parts. It combines all the features of previous kits 8466/8297 and 9398 these functions are.

Actuated gull wing doors

5speed with reverse transmission

Independent suspension

Motorized winch

Motorized ride height adjustment

Remote 4wheel steer

Remote 4wheel drive

Operating v8 engine

Working flood lights

Full stud less construction

modular build type

I believe this would be an excellent kit for the older audience.The complexity and internal design are inspiring to anyone.I am hoping to reach the 10,000 goal with this project it would make a great kit.

Here is shown the top front of the truck. Built into this is the gearbox that controls the winch and suspension. One motor drives both functions selected by a switch controlling a drive ring. A power function switch controls this motor keeping it separated from the remote system.

At the back of the truck is a battery box accesses to this is possible by lifting the tail gate. This one battery box runs the IR system/lights and switch. Two medium power function motors drive the truck they are located over the rear axle.

Located at the top is the IR tower just in front of that are the buttons to open the doors. Under the windscreen towards the front is a selector that operates the front gear box that drives the suspension and winch. A steering servo is mounted under the transmission allowing drive to the front and rear steering.

This picture shows the doors and bonnet open you can see the door actuators and full interior. The suspension height shafts are seen along the sides of the truck. They are driven from a second gearbox under the section were the wind screen meets the dash board.

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