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Radiology - Multimodal Medical Imaging

Lego City is one of the most popular and oldest themes of LEGO. Although there were already a hospital and an ambulance car in the healthcare subsets, there haven’t been any big medical devices available on the market… hopefully until now :)
I am currently doing my PhD at the German Cancer Research Center in the field of medical image analysis and I am excited to introduce you to the LEGO Radiology Set.

My main motivation with this set is to inspire the new generation to the extremely complex and interesting field of healthcare. If at least one child is inspired to choose a profession related to the medical field, it was worth working on this set :)
Furthermore, this set could also make the scary examinations less stressful for the children which can also result in improved image quality for a better diagnosis.
This is also the perfect time for showing our gratitude to healthcare workers!

Details of the LEGO Radiology Set:
  • The set is a modular hybrid radiology-imaging device with a main body and a three-headed tomograph, so the monomodal (MRI, CT, PET, SPECT) and also the multimodal configurations (SPECT-CT, PET-MRI, PET-CT) can also be built. Additionally, there are some minifigures: a radiology expert, a nurse, a doctor, and a patient.
  • The most popular LEGO Products are those, which have moving parts or provide an interactive environment for playing, such as a car race, a pirate battle or a castle conquer. That is why I designed the patient table to be moveable, which was the biggest challenge due to the usability and limited space.
  • I used additionally bright and calming colors beside the white pieces, namely ‘Bright Bluish Green’ and ’Aqua’ to make this set more friendly for the children. These additional colors are common in healthcare.
  • Economically, the set fits completely into the theme of LEGO City, it consists of already existing LEGO elements and I used traditional building techniques. It could be extended by other healthcare units, but I didn't think it was necessary as they already exist (e.g. LEGO #60204).
  • Finally, I have to mention as an engineer that imaging plays a crucial role in the proper diagnosis and many companies have an active field of research program to develop these devices. Furthermore, the three-headed tomograph is a new innovative solution already applied by a few companies to improve further the imaging quality in that modality.

Would you like to build this set? Contact me at!

Thank you for looking at my project, I hope that you find it interesting and valuable for the support :)

I would like to thank everyone, who supported me during the design. Special thanks go to the Department of Radiology, who let me take some pictures beside a real MRI Scanner. I was also glad that my family and friends expressed their interest many times and gave a lot of advice. And for my wife, Dora.

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