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The Lego Watch


Welcome to another project.


Today I would like to present my Lego watch.


I have seen that there is a Lego watch for children. Why not for us older?


So I started to implement my idea.


First I designed the bracelet. It is like a real watch made of chain links. This has the advantage that you can adjust the clock to your wrist. It is also very easy to replace the tape and choose another one. Here won’t be color limits.


You can customize every detail to your outfit. The presented clock is kept fairly simple and has the one or the other color copper.


The watch is easy to put on and take off again, since you have a fast closure.


Of course, the clock would still have to be equipped with its own clockwork. However, this is beyond my abilities. For Lego, however, this will be a simple one.


The watch consists of 172 parts. You can customize and modify your own color. There are endless possibilities.


About a feedback I would be very happy.


Your Markus

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