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Leicester Museum & Art Gallery

Leicester Museum & Art Gallery

This is one of the first public museums in the UK, opening in 1849; it is located on New Walk between the railway station and the city centre and contains a wide range of exhibits.

With this 395 brick set I have recreated the building with its complex roof, multiple building types and impressive frontage; there is a visible subterranean level on the right and the front has a butterfly design printed on its approach. The build here requires a number of half brick steps to recreate the layout and should make for an interesting build.

Ironically, as I submit this idea the museum is currently hosting an exhibition of iconic buildings recreated in LEGO!
It'd be nice to add this building to those officially produced by LEGO.

I hope you can support this and consider my other ideas too.

DISCLAIMER: This is a model of a real museum building only and was originally a more substantial set but I have had to remove all elements with any similarity to an existing LEGO model (which has no building and replicates specific atypical content which this museum does not contain) and removed the relative keywords from this text. With the assumption that 'museum buildings' in general are not excluded I have re-submitted this.

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