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Leviathan movie: Leviathan Hunt project


Leviathan Hunt Lego Ideas project is based on a movie called Leviathan by Ruairi Robinson

-- THE MOVIE -- 
By the early 22nd century, Mankind had colonized many worlds. 
Faster than light travel was made possible by harvesting exotic matter 
from the eggs of the largest species mankind has ever seen.
Those that take part in the hunt are mostly involuntary labor.

The movie is a short movie teaser. It met such success that it has been decided to make it a long length movie.



The movie is so rich that there is a lot to do. I decided to start focusing on vehicles.

In the teaser, 2 vehicles are involved:

  1. Scouts. These are mainly used to lure the Leviathan monster so hunter ship can shout it from nice angles. We can see that there are at least 4 scouts with own landing deck so I think this could be a single set with one scout, a modular landing deck platform and one pilot minifigure. The scout wings can fold , just like in the movie. The LDD file and building instructions can be downloaded from
  2.  The hunter ship. This is the big ship, it would come with 3 minifigures, one pilot at the back , one gunner at the front and an assistant, responsible for additional tasks such as ammonition management etc... I tryed to reproduce the ship in LDD the best I could and concept proofing the build with real bricks prototypes so bricks connections, physics are validated. This means the model could be effectively built. following the LDD building guide.

There is a great playability potential: In the movie, the hunter ship is equiped with a arrow weapon to shout at leviathans. The lego ship also fires powerfull lego arrows !

Not much fantaisy on Minifigures, they all dress the same with a unifor space suite and helmet in red orange color.

In the teaser, we can see 2 creatures:

  1. The little one I would call "dragon" is also rendered. Although my favourite parts for it are not in LDD, I could find alternatives. I would have prefered a 30034 for the end of the tail and a 44807 for the head as it reminds the Leviathan head a little better.
  2. The Leviathan creature is  huge at a minifigure scale to be part of a set, but why not, A Leviathan should not be a small set. I have not modelized it yet, waiting for supporters thoughts. It could be done at a full minifigure scale, micro scale, could also be fun as a hand puppet set :)

What else?
The factory mother ship hangar could also be modelized but hardly as a minifigure scale set. The full mothership? Maybe at a microscale...

We'll be waiting for additonal teasers or pics to update the project. Keep in mind that all you see here is a Work In Progress and allready has evolved.

What I liked in the movie is its futuristic and rather dirty and heavy dramatic atmosphere. The scenario is intriguing and original. I like its Dune and Starwars Influences.
I think the ships designs are amazing. I can't wait for more !

Thank you for supporting this Lego Ideas Project. As an appetizer, get the Scouts and modular docks building instructions and LDD file at:

And of course, follow Ruairi Robinson, the film maker.

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