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The Fall Guy‘s Truck Double Feature Set


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I am proud to introduce you to The Fall Guy truck double feature set. The best thing about this set is the very stable suspension with rubber bands that makes the trucks real jumpers!

The first truck is the 1981 Sierra Grande K-2500 Wideside with the two doors compartment on the box.
The second truck is a Rounded-Line 1980 Sierra Classic K-25 Wideside.

My set contains two trucks because different models were used in 1981-1986 (cheaply produced) show within the years. So it’s easy to create the look you want with both trucks. Yes, the truck was the real star of the show.

The TV show is about the Hollywood stuntman Colt Seavers who works as a part-time bounty hunter.  

Of course, Colt Seavers, Howie Munson and Jody Banks are included in the set as minifigures.

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