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Simpsons Cookbook for Humans

I was growing up watching the Simpsons show. I liked and enjoyed most of the episodes of early seasons, however, my favorite was always the Threehouse of Horror episodes. I felt that the creators of the show vented the unused creativity and the episodes literally had almost no rules. One of the most memorable horror stories to me is the "Hungry Are the Damned" episode, in which the family of Simpsons are abducted from their backyard by aliens. The aliens Kang and Kodos want to take them to their home planet, seeming to have a good intention. However, Lisa will find the hospitality and feeding from Aliens suspicious and is the only one who does not trust the seemingly positive intentions of aliens. The whole story is based on the Twilight Zone episode called “To Serve Man”, which tells the similar story gravitating around the book with a mysterious title which was ambiguous. In the end of the story it was revealed to be a cook book and the Simpsons Episode was playing with this concept and the book found by Lisa was saying “How to Cook Humans”. After initial shock the alien revealed that the cosmic dust was covering part of the book's title showing that the book had actually a positive title “How to Cook for Humans.” The story provided one more shocking surprise when Lisa blew a little dust off the cover showing the title to be actually “How to Cook Forty Humans.” This seemed even scarier and gave more paranoia to the viewer of the show. Kang blew off the last dust, revealing that the book’s real title was “How to Cook for Forty Humans.”. Realizing that the book is the main theme of this story, the LEGO Set is actually a book with the alien. Front side of the books shows the Title that can be edited and turned to all versions referenced in the story. On the back side some of the most important elements of the story are depicted – The Pong Game that was considered by the aliens as very special and high tech and the weighing scale that was used for weighing the Simpsons family. There is also the table with the food which was always served for the Simpsons to fulfill their gastronomic needs. The set includes a little model of the book from Twilight Zone with the original script of the alien race. This set is made for all fans of Simpsons and fans of this episode that was making us goosebumps and laughs.

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