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Winter Village Train - Gift Car Expansion Set


The Gift Car expansion set.

As the Elves produce their wondrous toys, they need a staging area to carry them as Santa's train travels from city to city. Within are all the requested gifts Santa will need to deliver.

Note: The physical version will have two cloth-like bags to hold the toys and gifts.  Small bags like the those that came with this year's Toy Soldier or last year's Train ornament GWP.  Also, the green "tree" branches on side of car will be white. White wasn't available in LDD.

I was very excited to see the introduction of a new holiday train for The Winter Village theme.  I only wished there were more to it. Inspired by this set, I dusted of LDD and got to work on some expansion cars and modifications. I plan on presenting the new cars here as a series, but I will upload modified cars to MOCPages once built. Since I am in the process of ordering parts, the current photos are from LDD and will be replaced/updated once I finish the physical model. Note also I plan to design some type of Winter Village Train logo for the side of the car and will be applied to physical model.

Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoyed the concept.

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