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Two-Face Car


A small build, yet a cool one. After the Penguin and the Joker got their wheels, it is time for Two-Face to get his car. This is a very interesting design because it is different of both sides. The left side is clean and slick and the right side looks like the plating has been ripped of by Two-Face. It has a very sturdy technic frame so it can be roughly played with. 

The car has a working two-cilinder engine and one studshooter hidden in the front of the car (this can be operated from the drivers seat).It features a Two-Face minifigure and will probably have a Batman or Robin in a smaller chase vehicle in the set.

It will need a couple of stickers, two on the fender parts and maybe some on the hood and on the wood panelling of the door. The famous coin from Two-Face can be printed on the heads of the cilinders.

Have fun!

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