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R.C. Case IH Steiger


Video of the Tractor:

For as long as I can remember, I have loved tractors. Big tractors have always fascinated me, but the Lego tractor sets have never satisfied me, they are all small, and none of them have articulated steering. So, I decided to make my own. This is my model of the Case IH Steiger.

Some of the functions include:

  • Two of the three front lights work (2 sets of lego LEDs)
  • Remote Controlled Drive (Controlled by a XL Motor)
  • Remote Controlled Articulated Steering (controlled by a L Motor)
  • Working Steering Wheel
  • Remote controlled PTO (Power Take Off) (controlled by a M Motor)
  • Openable hood to reveal a working inline 6 engine
  • 8 Wheels (2 on each axle)

As you can see from above, this creation is packed with features. I tried to make this as realistic as possible, and in doing so, I have made my model with many features.


This model is very fun to play around with, since it is Remote Controlled, and its back articulates, so it can drive over small obstacles. I built the functions first, then the looks after, and in doing so made it have lots of features. I find there is no fun to a technic set, if there are no functions. Finnaly, I let my little cousins play with this, and when I asked then to give me the controller back, they refused to give it to me. They loved the model.


When I went to my local plowing match, we saw a tent for Case IH. We went over and showed then a small video of the tractor. When they saw the video, they asked us to take it to their dealership. I took it to the dealership, almost everybody gathered around to see this. I began explaining all of the functions to them, and once I was done, they gave me a free hat. They were impressed.


The parts count is around 1000 pieces, and might be around $250 (CAD) ($189 USD or  €168 EUR) But, Lego may decide to take out the P.T.O. and by doing so, would probably take the price down to $200 (CAD) ($150 USD or 135 EUR) Either way, when you take the survey, it should be $200+ CAD

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