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Benny the Cab from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


In 1988, Robert ZemeckisSteven Spielberg, and Walt Disney Pictures introduced us to Roger Rabbit, his wife Jessica, the private detective Eddie Valiant, and their friend (and sometimes getaway car), Benny the Cab. As the mystery surrounding Marvin Acme's death unfolds, Benny helps Eddie and Roger escape the weasels of the Toon Patrol. His gruff demeanor hides a chassis of gold, and he goes to great lengths to aid his friends, ultimately bringing in the calvary, albeit too late to watch the nefarious Judge Doom dissolve away in a puddle of his own dip.

Following in the footsteps of other classic 80's pop culture cars, Benny is an unmistakable character. If you're a fan of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, what better way to let the neighbors know than Benny on your mantle? And while he is ideal as a bookshelf display piece, he also fits two minifigures for play time. He even has a lever! (Disclaimer: lever does not do anything.)

The set has been designed with durability, movie-accuracy, and fun in mind. I also tried to use as many common parts as possible to reduce the chance of part production issues. The building techniques are fairly easy and 100% "legal," with just a few challenging bits, probably putting this in the 10+ age range.

Most sales would probably be nostalgic purchases by older builders. However, when this was displayed publicly, it was great to hear all of the younger viewers talking about how much they loved the movie when their parents showed it to them. It is an iconic movie, and Benny is an iconic car, worthy of being further immortalized in LEGO form.

Thank you for your interest and please share this project if you like it!

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