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Harry Potter's Magic Wand


Swish and flick with brick-built Harry Potter's Magic Wand!

This life-size Lego wand is designed to fit into the palm of your hand, and won't break when you try to jinx your friends with a Jelly Legs curse. It's sleek and durable, perfect for a budding wizard!

The wand can be easily modified to create different looks for various characters. Why make Harry's wand when you could have Ron Weasley's, or even Draco Malfoy's wand!

The wand pictured is 11 inches (67 centimeters) long, the same as Harry's in both the books and the movies.

The wand comes complete with display stand (measuring 11 in / 67 cm) and exclusive Harry Potter minifigure! You never know, it could even come with your Hogwarts acceptance letter!

You may, however, have to find your own phoenix feather, dragon heartstring, or unicorn tail core.

Fun for building, play, and display!





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