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Christmas Chopper


Hello fellas !!
A new project
* Cool Bikes *.
HO HO HO !!! Love of Ideas Gallery Municipality,
here a little Christmas idea for you.
I know it's still a little early for Christmas,
but with your help this creation may be available for all to Christmas.
Inspired on these bikes, I was by the * Hero Factory Furno Bike *.
I indeed good find, that my opinion is not real however Cool.
So I decided easy himself a couple of, I hope Cool, bikes creating.
For me it was important that they fit into their size and to the Bionicle figures
and equally appropriately are the figures of the older Hero Factory series.
At this Christmas Chopper I was additionally through the TV series American Coppers Inspired.
As a fan of this series, I could no different to a thing or bike from this series to be interpreted as a Hero Factory or Bionicle Bike variant.
In this project, my effort was to give the bike a cool appearance possible.
That is in both a real bikes as well as a possible Bionicle / Hero Factory Bike justice.
With this model, I would like to enrich the Lego world to enlarge.
So that the little and big kids play with it, or can simply collect it.
Du you like this Bike and Lego? So, please click on the support button.
Also commenting like the model.
Keep on building! ;-)


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