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Imperial Dropship Star Wars


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Imperial Dropship


Much like the MAAT gunship and RaDAir speeder, the Imperial dropship transport was similar in design to the Republic LAAT.The dropship transport was smaller in size than its Republic predecessor.

Its cockpit was elongated in a similar vein to that of the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle.The internal troop bay was opened by doors on each side that folded up into the ship upon landing. It possessed two large wings, like the LAAT, and two smaller wings on the top.

The dropship have :

-1 Imperial pilot, 2 EVO stormtroopers , 2 EVO guns

-Use the dropship to deploy Stormtroopers in fight !

-Detroy the Rebels with 4 weapons !

-Recreate scene of Star Wars The Force Unleashed !


I have made that model on Lego Digital Designer !



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