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Green Lantern Interceptor (The animated Series)



Why this Model?

I love DC Comics and especially Green Lantern, that’s why I also really loved Green Lantern the animated Series. I think the Interceptor is a very important part, because it is like a home for Hal, Kilowog, Razer and Aya. I loved the look of the ship and that it's powered by a giant Green Lantern Power Battery.

In my opinion the Interceptor would be a great set, because it would give the opportunity to replay scenes of the TV show or think of own adventures the crew of the Interceptor could experience.

I also tried to build the inside of the ship as detailed as possible to include all the important elements of the ship.

What's special about it

The ship includes the main features, like the bridge (Picture 5) with floating chairs and the Aya-hologram on the control panel, the conference room (Picture 6) with different computers and a table witch is like in the TV show recessed into the floor, there is also another Aya-hologram hanging from the ceiling. There is a prison-cell (Picture 7), which is a bit different, than in the TV-show, but I had to build it that way, so it fits in there. The last room is where the battery is located (Picture 8). I tried to build the energy-stripes with different green-translucent-pieces, like they are in the show.

The Interceptor also has many storage-compartments, in which I put many green-translucent gedgets, which can be used as Green Lantern constructs. These storage compartments can be seen in picture 4.


For the Minifigures I built the crew of the Interceptor: Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Razer and Aya

I gave everyone of them a typical item. Kilowog has got his classic hammer, Hal a enegy fist, Razer a red construct blade and Aya her green energy blasts.

For Aya, Razer and Kilowog I had to use different helmets, that they resemble their looks in the TV show.

Explanation for the pictures

On picture three the two boxes on the left and the right are normally built underneath the ship. I put them there, so they can be seen.


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