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Despicable Me: Minion

Minions are one of the most popular characters in the movie Despicable Me, so I made them with Lego bricks.

Model info:
-The model contains 723 pieces (optimization possible).
-Height: 27.52 cm (without the hair)
-360° view of the model

-Interesting pieces:
-2 exlusive printed bricks or stickers (mouth and Gru's logo)
-2 blue corrugated pipes
-metal colored pieces for the goggles
-2 transparent pieces for the goggle lenses

The whole model is also built in Lego Digital Designer, so all the pieces are placed "legit" and not forcefully pushed where they normally cant fit.

Also I didn't copy or steal anyone's idea or model. We just came up with the same or similar idea. I've been workin on this project for a few weeks now.

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