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Transformer Vehicles Driven by Blackout, Heat Wave, and the Baron

I built three small transformers. The first transformer is the Ice Tank, driven by Blackout. The vehicle transforms from your everyday tank into a seat raised by wheels for unusual terrain and speed. The second transformer is the Lava Speeder, driven by Heat Wave. The speeder's front wheel rotates and back wheels pull apart to transform into a jet for air battles and speedy getaways. Finally, the last transformer is the Plutonium hovercraft, ridden by The Baron. The hovercraft transforms from your everyday aircraft into a maneuverable jet with rotating engines. 
I built these transformers to give my everyday creations the ability to become something new. They were also built to give LEGO battles much more excitement.
These transformers would make a great LEGO set because they are small, easy to build, and REALLY fun to play with. Each transformer went through a long development process to be enhanced to perfection. If a piece could not be found, the entire vehicle was redesigned. These transformers should become a LEGO set because of their cool transformations and colorful characters.

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