Product Idea |

Real Size Computer With All Parts.


About This Model:

I build this PC, becouse I love computers, electronics and lego. I want to combine it and i decide to build real sized PC computer.
It has everything that normal PC:
• Motherboard where you connect other parts.
• Processor with cooling.
• Ram memory x2.
• Graphic card which displays the image.
• Hard drive to store your data.
• Cd/Dvd drive which reads data from discs.
Motherboard also have one unused slot, so you can make your own expansion card.

Computer Ports:

If you look at the computer you will see:
• 6x USB 3.0 ports for pendrives and other devices.
• 2x PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse.
• 1x Ethernet port for internet connection,
• 5x Jack 3,5mm for microphone and speakers.
• 2x HDMI on graphics card for screen viewing.
• 1x VGA on graphics card for screen viewing too.
And you can also see that computer have power input on back.

Moving Parts:

In my model you can see that cd/dvd rom have openable tray.
Graphic card have 2 fans. You can see that they are spinning here:
Processor have its own fan, it rotates too.

Model Info:

This is real size computer. It's dimensions are:
• Height: 53 cm.
• Depth: 50 cm.
• Width: 25 cm.
This model is built with exactly 3000 bricks.


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